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Catholic Secretariat



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The Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) is a permanent institution which is the Assembly of the Bishops of Tanzania whereby according to the norm of law, certain pastoral functions are jointly exercised on behalf of Christ’s faithful in view of promoting that greater good which the Church offers to all people especially through forms and programmes of the apostolate which are fittingly adapted to the circumstances of our time and country (CIC, canon 447).


TEC was founded in 1956 and registered with the Government in 1957.  Its registration number is SO.2098.  It has twenty nine (29) dioceses.


The Catholic Dioceses in Tanzania:


Metropolitan of Arusha:

Metropolitan of Tabora:

Arusha Diocese

Tabora Archdiocese

Mbulu Dicoese

Kigoma Diocese

Same Diocese

Sumbawanga Diocese

Moshi Diocese

Singida Diocese


Kahama Diocese



Metropolitan of Dar es Salaam:

Metropolitan of Mwanza:

Dar es Salaam Diocese

Mwanza Diocese

Zanzibar Diocese

Musoma Diocese

Tanga Diocese

Geita Diocese

Mahenge Diocese

Bukoba Diocese

Morogoro Diocese

Rulenge Diocese

Dodoma Diocese

Shinyanga Diocese



Metropolitan of Songea:


Mtwara Diocese


Lindi Diocese


Tunduru/Masasi Diocese


Songea Diocese


Mbinga Diocese


Mbeya Diocese


Njombe Diocese


Iringa Diocese









TEC is the official national organisation of the Catholic hierarchy in Tanzania, which aims by joint action to adopt the most suitable means of promoting the interests and welfare of the Church, not only in matters of religion but also in the development, and social programmes.





To provide a means whereby the Bishops exercise certain pastoral functions both internal to the life of the Church and external in terms of the church’s service to humankind.


An intermediary Curia between the Holy See (the Roman Curia) and dioceses (the Dioceses Curia).


To see a pastoral endeavour arising from the common concerns of Bishops.





The full authority and responsibility of managing the activities of TEC are vested in the Plenary Meeting of the Conference.  The Plenary meeting is composed of all members and has its ordinary meeting once a year.  The Plenary meeting is presided by the President of the Conference.  The day to day management of the Conference is entrusted to the Permanent Council (PC) which is assisted by the General Secretariat.  PC is formed by Bishop Chairmen of TEC Departments under the President of TEC.  The General Secretariat is known as the Catholic Secretariat, and its Chief Executive Officer is the General Secretary.


The main roles of the Catholic Secretariat are:


To coordinate national, pastoral, social and development programmes initiated and implemented by the General Secretariat.

To facilitate diocesan activities on pastoral, development and social programmes.

To implement the decisions made by the Plenary Meeting.

To render different services to the Dioceses i.e. clearing of goods, processing visa, passports and registration of hospitals, schools, dioceses as society, trustee, etc.

To link the dioceses with national and international organizations.

To offer consultancy and advisory services to the dioceses and TEC affiliated associations/organizations.


The day to day running is done bythe Catholic Secretariat staff headed by  the Secretary General helped by 9 Executive Secretaries heading departments.  The General Secretariat has nine (9) Departments, nine (9) Commissions and two (2) units.




Finance and Operations Department:


It is a custodian of the funds of TEC.  It is responsible for managing and controlling resources of TEC. and income generating projects.


The Pastoral Department:


It is entrusted with the facilitations and coordination of pastoral activities of the Church


Health Department:


It coordinates and facilitates the efforts of the Church in providing health services.


Caritas Tanzania:


It is responsible for coordinating and facilitating development and relief activities of the Church.


The Communications Department:


The Department is charged with responsibility of promoting communications activities of the Church.


The Lay Apostolate Department:


It is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the activities of lay apostolate movements, and associations at national level.  It also promotes the involvement of the laity in the activities of the Church.




The Education and Seminaries Department:


The Department is entrusted with the promotion of education services rendered by the Church.  It coordinates and facilitated the education institutions owned and managed by the Church in all levels.


The Liturgy Department:


It is responsible for promoting the liturgical activities in the Church.  It involves itself in the translation of liturgical books, compilation of hymns and songs and empowering the diocesan liturgy directors on matters related to liturgy.





Building Bureau:


The Unit is responsible for supporting the Church in planning, design, building and maintenance of various edifices.


Kurasini TEC Training and Conference Centre:


The Centre is entrusted with hosting training seminars or workshops and Conferences of the Church and its affiliated organisations/associations.




The Armed Forces and Prisons Commissions:


The Commission is responsible for promoting the pastoral ministry in the armed forces and prisons in the country.


The Pastoral Care of the Migrant and Itinerant People Commissions:


It is responsible for promoting the pastoral care of seafarers, fishermen and displaced people.


The Theological Commission:


The Commission deals with theological issues by doing research and Interpretation.


The Canon Law Commission:


The Commission is entrusted with legal affairs of the Church.  It involves itself in interpreting laws, rules and regulations of TEC and the Church in general.  It also assists dioceses and TEC affiliated associations or movements in developing constitutions.  In accordance with the law of the Church (Canon Law).


The Justice and Peace Commission:


The Commission is responsible for promoting justice and peace in Tanzania in the spirit of the Social Teaching of Church.  It builds the capacity of the diocesan justice and peace officers, by training them, carry out research for promoting peace and justice.  It also runs various programme e.g. Democracy, Good Governance.


The Ecumenism and Interreligious Commission:

The Commission enables the Catholic Church to relate with Christian Churches and other religions.


The Tanzania Commission for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life:


The Commission is responsible for promoting religious life and creates good relationship among religious




Owned and Managed by TEC:

Bigwa Sisters’ Secondary School in Diocese of Morogoro.

Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) in Archdiocese of Mwanza.

Kurasini Conference and Training Centre in Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam.

Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) in Archdiocese of Mwanza.

The Catholic Publishers Limited (CPL) in Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam.

TMP Printing Press and Publication in Archdiocese of Tabora


Operate under T.E.C.:

Northern Region of Board of Seminaries.

The Board has four major seminaries

Our Lady of Angels Major Seminary (Kibosho) in Diocese of Moshi.

Saint Anthony Major Seminary (Ntungamo) in Diocese of Bukoba.

Saint Charles Lwanga Major Seminary (Segerea) in Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam.

Saint Paul Major Seminary (Kipalapala) in Archdiocese of Tabora.


Southern Region Board of Seminary.  The Board has one Major Seminary.

Saint Augustine Major Seminary (Peramiho) in Archdiocese of Songea.


Owned and Managed by the Diocese on behalf of TEC

Saint Joseph Teachers’ College (JTC) – Diocese of Moshi.

Sengerema Clinical Officers Training Centre – Diocese of Geita.

The Bethlehem Centre – Diocese of Mahenge.








































President of the Conference: Bishop severine Niwemugizi

Pro-President of the Conference: Polycarp Cardinal Pengo 

Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Pius Rutechura (PhD)

Office Manager: Mrs. Mary Hokororo


Finance and Operations Department:

Chairman: Bishop Method Kilaini

Executive Secretary: Sr, Auxilia Muganyizi (ADA)


Pastoral Department:

Chairman: Bishop Amedeus Msarikie

Executive Secretary Rev. Fr. Vitus Sichalwe (PhD)


Communications Department:

Chairman: Bishop Antony Banzi

Executive Secretary Rev. Fr.  Revocatus Makonge (M.A. Mass Comm)


Catechetical Department:

Chairman: Bishop Telesphor Mkude

Executive Secretary: Sr. Claudia Mashambo (Dip. Theology)


Liturgy Department:

Chairman: Bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa

Executive Secretary: Very Rev. Msgr. Julian Kangalawe (STL)


Education and Seminaries Department:

Chairman: Archbishop Nobert Mtega

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Elias Msemwa (Dip. Educ)


Lay Apostolate Department:

Chairman: Bishop Magnus Mwalunyungu

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Edgar Mbegu (PhD)


Health Department:

Chairman: Bishop Aloysius Balina

Executive Secretary: Dr. Alban Hokororo (MedM)


Caritas Department:

Chairman: Bishop Agapitus Ndorobo

Executive Secretary: Mr. Peter Maduki (M.A. Ed.)


Canon Law Commission :

Chairman: Bishop Justin Samba

Secretary: Rev. Fr.  Lawena Samuel (PhD)


Ecumenical Commission:

Chairman: Bishop Bruno Ngonyani

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Godfrey Riddle (MA)


Inter Religious Dialogue Commission:

Chairman: Bishop Bruno Ngonyani

Secretary: Rev. Fr.  Gallus Marandu (STL)


Commission of Justice and Peace

Chairman: Bishop Paul Ruzoka

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Vic Missiaen (MA. Econ)


Commission of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Life Community:

Chairman: Bishop Nestor Timanywa

Secretary: Sr.  Dominica Msigwa


Commission of Evangelisation

Chairman: Bishop Agostino Shao

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Liberatus Mwenda (STL)


Commission of Armed Forces

Chairman: Bishop Damian Kyaruzi


Commission of Migrant and Itinerant Peoples:

Chairman: Bishop Gabriel Mmole

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Marcel Kaberwa (BA. Ed)


Support Services:

TEC Building and BUMA Services (Building Materials Services).

 Coordinator: Dr. Johannes W. Asghedom (Eng)


TEC Kurasini Conference and Training Centre.

(P.O. Box 3330, location, etc as the Secretariat).

Phone: 022 2851075/9. Fax: 055 022 2850308:

Manager: Sr. Flora Chuma:


See  ►►Kurasini Centre photoes


Catholic Publishers (Kiongozi Newspaper)

 Box 9400 Dar es Salaam.

Phone: 022 2851075/9 Fax: 022-2850308




National Umbrella Organisations:


Association of Sisterhoods.

The Secretary, P.O. Box 2133, Dar es Salaam.

Phone: 022 2851075/9.


Association of Religious Superiors of Men.

The Secretary, P.O. Box  5124, Dar es Salaam.



Halmashauri Walei Katoliki Tanzania (Tanzania Council of the Laity).

 P.O. Box  9361, Dar es Salaam. Phone: 022 2851075/9.


With  the Catholic Laity are other national lay organisations.



National Institutions:


Bugando Medical Centre

(Up coming Bugando University College of Health Sciences of

St. Augustine University of Tanzania-SAUT),

Box 1370, Mwanza.

Phone: (028) 40610.Fax: (028) 42392.