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The Right Rev. Nestor Timanywa was born at Kakungiri (Mugana Parish) in Bukoba Diocese on 7th May, 1937. Ordained Priest on 11th December, 1966, and consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of Bukoba in February 1974.


Residence: Bishop's House Ntungamo, Private Bag, P.O. Bukoba.

Phone/Fax: 0255-28-2220746 (Home) Phone: 0255-28-2220189-96 (Office).

And 0255-28-2220254 (Procure) Fax: 0255-28-2222113 (Procure).



95   Diocesan Priests      
5   Missionary Srs. of  Mary Mother

3   Franciscan Fathers    
14   Canossian Sisters

3   Franciscan Bothers
30   Poor Clares Colettine Sisters

2   Apostles of Jesus Frs
 4   Bannakaroli Brothers

412   Sisters of St Theresa
3   Little Sister of St. Francis    

12   Srs. of O L. of Kilimanjaro
363   Catechists              

24   Mabinti wa Maria Mama wa Msaada wa Daima


Diocesan Officials: Same address as the Ordinary.

PARISHES. Population: 922,000    Catholics: 522,664

Bukoba - Cathedral [1968], Private Bag, P.O. Bukoba.

Phone: 028-2222277. (Office) 028-2220290 (Church).

Centenary Pastoral Centre (C.P.C) Phone: 028-2220189-96.

Religious Education Office. Phone: 028-2220007, 2220189-96.

Lay Apostolate Office. Phone: 028-2220189-96.

Caritas Office, Phone: 028-2220189-96.

Communication Office. Phone: 028-2220189-96.

Health Department Office. Phone: 028-2220189-96.

Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial House. P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba .

St. Therese Sisters' Convent & Generalate-Rumuli, Box 315, Bukoba.Phone: 028-2220509.

Canossian Sisters House, Bakhita (Secretarial & Tailoring School). P.O. Box 202, Bukoba. Phone: 028-2220642.

Mabinti wa Maria Mama wa Msaada wa Daima, Mater Misercordiae Convent, Phone: 028-2220189.

Mabinti wa Maria Mama wa Msaada wa Daima, Migera Convent.Phone: 028-2223251.

Mama wa Mkombozi Book Centre, Box 1714, Bukoba, Phone: 028-2220167.

Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church, Box 1714, Bukoba.Phone: 028-2220168.

Bishop Hirth Youth Centre, Box 11, Bukoba, Phone/Fax: 028-2222363.

Sisters of our Lady of Kilimanjaro (C.D.N.K) Bishop's House  Phone: 028-2220746.

Ntungamo Major Seminary, Box 227, Bukoba. Phone: 028-2220778.

Sisters of Lady of Kilimanjaro (C.D.N.K) Ntungamo Major Seminary. Phone: 028-2220778.

Tanzania Kolping Society's National Headquarters. Phone: 028-2221236 Fax: 028-2223282.

Rumuli Printing Press, P. O. Private Bag, Phone: 028-2220311.

St. Therese Sisters Convent, Bunena. Phone: 028-2220254, Fax: 028-2222113.

Bumai [1955], P.O Private Bag, Bukoba.

Bumbire Islands [1985], P.O.Box Private Bag, Bukoba.

Buyango (Kabashana) [1955], P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba.

Ichwandimi [1993], P.O. Private Bag , Bukoba.

St. Therese Sisters Convent, P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba.

Igoma [1996], P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba.

Ishozi [1962], P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba.

Itahwa [1955], P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba.

Poor Clares Colettine Sister's Cloister (P.C.C).

Kagondo [1903], P.O. Private Bag Bukoba.

St. Therese Sister's Convent.

Mabinti wa Maria Mama wa Msaada wa Daima's Convent.

Catechetical and Pastoral Pastoral Centre (Chudikye), Kyegoromora. Queen of the Apostles' Spiritual Year Formation Centre Kemondo.

St. Joseph's Hospital Kagondo.

Kolping Technical Training centre, Kagondo.

San Damiano Hospital, Sisters of St. Francis-Mission.

Kanyigo [1932], P.O.Box 4, Kanyigo Bukoba Phone: 028-2222503

St.Theresa Sisters' Convent.

Kabashana [1955], P.O Bukoba.

St. Therese Sisters

Kashozi [1892], P.O Bukoba.

St. Therese Sisters' Mother House and Novitiate, Nyaigando.

Kashozi Homecraft School P.O. Box 1106, Bukoba.

Secondary School Chaplaincy (Ihungo)  P.O. Box 95 Bukoba.

Phone: 028-2220727.

Nyaigando Chaplaincy.

St. Therese Sister's Convent, Bethania.

Hekima Girls' Secondary School, Box 1817, Bukoba.

Fransiscan Friars, Kasherero.

Baanakaroli Brothers (From Uganda).

Kassambya [1936], P.O. Box 33 Kyaka-Kagera, Phone: 028-2222324.

St.Therese Sisters' Convent.

Diocesan Shrine of St. John- Mary Muzeyi, Minziro.

St. Therese Dispensary,Omukajunguti, Box 315, Bukoba

Katoke [1976], P.O.Private Bag, Bukoba.

Katoke TTC Chaplincy.

Katoma [1974], P.O. Private Bag Bukoba.

Kijwire [1954], P.O. Box 13 Muleba, Kagera, Phone: 028-2222663

Kimwani [transfered on 20/9/1998 from Rulenge Diocese],

P.O. Box Private Bag, Bukoba, Muleba-Kagera.

Kishogo [1934], P.O. Private Bag, Bukoba, Kagera

Mabinti wa Maria Mama  wa Msaada wa Daima's Convent.

Kishuro [1992], P.O Rubya, Muleba Kagera.

Dispensary, Box 130 Rubya, Kagera

Maruku [1989], P.O Bukoba.

Mubunda [1977], P.O. Box 102, Muleba-Kagera.


Mugana [1905], P.O.Box 202. Bukoba

St Theresa Sisters.

Canossian Sisters Convent.

Bakhita Hospital, Mugana.

Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Nyakijoga.

Mwemage [1955], P.O Private Bag, Bukoba.

St. Theresa Sisters and Aspirants Formation House.

Mwemage Health Centre.

Ngarama [1947], P.O Private Bag Bukoba.

Ngote [1944], P.O Box 49, Muleba - Kagera.

St. Theresa Sisters' Convent.

Magdalena Kolping Dispensary.

Nshamba [1962], P.O Pivate Bag, Bukoba.

Rubya [1904], P.O.Box 140,Rubya, Kagera.

St. Theresa Sisters' Convent A&B, Box 105, Rubya,Kagera.

Nurses & Midiwifery Training Centre, Box 133, Rubya, Kagera.

Salus Infirmorum Rubya Hospital, Box 130, Rubya, Kagera.

St. Mary's Junior Seminary, Box 246, Rubya,Kagera.

Rubya Homecraft School, Box 122, Rubya, Kagera.

Rukindo [1973], P.O.Box 253, Rubya, Kagera.

Rutabo [1922], P.O.Box 33, Kamachumu, Kagera.

St. John Bosco's Preparatory Seminary.

St. Theresa Sisters' Convent.