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The Right Rev. Gabriel Mmole, born at Nangoo in the Diocese of Mtwara in 1939. Ordained priest on 14th October, 1971 andconsecrated Bishop on 25th May, 1988.


Residence: Bishopís House, P.O. Box 526, Mtwara.

††††††††† Phone: Administration: 2333128; Office 2333071,

††††††††† Residence: 2333310/2333319.

Abbot:†††††††† Rt. Rev. Abbot Siegfried Hertlein O.S.B.

††††††††† St. Benedict Abbey.

††††††††† P.O. Ndanda via Mtwara.

††††††††† Phone: 2510 532 + 102.


20Diocesan Priests

19Benedictine Fathers. (Expatriates)

††† 1Benedictine Father. (Indigenous)

13Benedictine Brothers (Expatriates)

14Benedictine Brothers (Indigenous)

130Benedictine African Sisters of O.L. Help of Christians Ndanda (Indigenous)

31††† Benedictine Missionary Sisters of Tutzing (Expatriates)

11††† Benedictine Missionary Sisters of Tutzing. (Indigenous)

14††† Daughters of the Holy Redeemer (Expatriates)

22††† Daughters of the Holy Redeemer. (Indigenous)

162††† Catechists.

Diocesan Officials: Same address as the Ordinary.

Procure: P.O. Box 527, Mtwara.

PARISHES††††††††† Population: 731,988††††† Catholics: 62,877

Chigugu [1955], P.O. Ndanda via Mtwara.

Chihangu [1998], P.O. Box 356, Newala.

Chikundi [1983], P.O.Ndanda via Mtwara.

Kitangali [1932], P.O. Box 72, Newala.

Benedictine African Sisters.

Luagala [1937], P.O. Box 72, Newala.

Daughters of the Holy Redeemer.

Sisters of the Holy Redeemer - Formation House.

Domestic School.

Health Centre.

Mahurunga [1993], P.O. Box 526, Mtwara.

Mikindani [1940], P.O. Box 42, Mikindani.

Benedictine African Sisters.

Mtwara-All Saints [1958], P.O. Box 172, Mtwara.

Phone: 2333317.

Benedictine African Sisters.

Regional House - Daughtersof the Holy Redeemer. Phone: 2333862.

Missionary Benedictine Srs. of Tutzing. Phone: 2333602.

Secondary School for Sisters Mtwara. Phone: 2333603.

Montessori Training Centre. Phone: 2333891.

Catechetical Office.

Caritas Office.

Women Development Office.

Women Development Centre.

Social Centre.

Mtwara-St.Paul [1970], P.O. Box 55, Mtwara. Phone: 2333344.

Daughters of the Holy Redeemer. Phone: 2333668.

Women Development Centre.

Mtwara - Magomeni [1986], P.O. Box 172, Mtwara.

Women Development Centre.

Nangoo [1983], P.O. Ndanda via Mtwara.

Nanyamba [1934], P.O. Box 532, Mtwara.

Daughters of the Holy Redeemer.

Health Centre.

Domestic School.

Ndanda [1906], P.O. Ndanda via Mtwara.

St. Benedict Abbey. P.O. Ndanda via Mtwara. Phone: 2510532 + 101.

Mother House of the BenedictineAfrican Sisters of Our Lady Help of

Christians Ndanda, P.O. Box 5, Ndanda via Mtwara.

Phone: 2510 224-5 No. 26.

Priory of the Missionary Benedictine Srs. of Tutzing.

P.O. Box 1, Ndanda via Mtwara. Phone: 2510 410.

Benedictine Fathersí Formation House.

MissionaryBenedictine Sistersí Formation House.

School for Nurses and Midwives. P.O. Box 1016, Ndanda.

St. Benedictís Hospital. P.O. Box 3, Ndanda.

St. Elizabeth Leprosy Hospital, P.O. Box 1000, Ndanda.

Zakeo Spiritual Centre.

Ndanda Mission Press. P.O. Box 4, Ndanda via Mtwara.

Trade School Ndanda.

Newala [1957], P.O. Box72, Newala, Phone: 2410386.

Tandahimba [1985], P.O. Box 158, Newala.